Transition Your Fleet. Seamlessly.

The Zeem Advantage

Zeem is a turnkey solution for changing your commercial fleet into an all-electric powerhouse.

Zeem is a turnkey solution for changing your commercial fleet into an all-electric powerhouse.

A Growing Network

Our flagship LAX hub fully operational with more than a dozen additional hubs planned in the next two years in major transport locations

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Established Operational Expertise

On-site fleet management and servicing team on on-site EV specialists provide supervised charging and driver training

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Zeem is the no risk option for the future of your fleet

No Start Up Costs

No Range Anxiety

No Hassle

How Zeem Works


Your driver parks their personal car at a secure Zeem hub


Drives their shift in a fully charged EV with your company branding


Returns the vehicle for supervised overnight charging


We handle inspections, maintenance, cleaning & more

Our Story

Zeem was founded in 2017 to support commercial fleets transitioning to meet the standards of a new green economy.

We help companies meet EV goals without the high costs and challenges of owning electric infrastructure.

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The Zeem Solution

Transition Strategy and Planning

Don’t take on the complexities of a full EV transition all on your own. Partner with Zeem to build a strategic plan based on our expert operating models and your current assets.

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Charging Solutions

Zeem depot operations make sure every vehicle is ready whenever needed.

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Co-Locate Development

Zeem partners with you to turn your development from a cost center into a profit center.

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Temporary Power Solutions

Zeem identifies methods for providing mobile power to your site during your ongoing electrification development.

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What our customers are saying about us

Zeem has been instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of electrification, ensuring our transition to electric was seamless and efficient. They’re an indispensable part of our fleet management strategy.

Cesar Leyva
Vice President, Airport Van Rental

The way Zeem bundles parking, vehicle leasing, charging, and maintenance works well for my fleet so I don’t have to figure out electrification on my own. I appreciate their expertise and commitment to providing the right products.

Su Husain
Owner, Flow Rate Transportation

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