3 Ways to Zeem

We’re helping fleets with custom vehicle electrification solutions no matter where they are in their zero-emission journey.

EV Lease Bundles

Don’t take on the expense of purchasing your own fleet EVs and charging infrastructure. For a one-time down payment and a simple, all-in monthly fee, our leases will give you full access to your own all-electric fleet – and the full-time support of our trained EV experts.

Who it’s for

All fleets that want to avoid the expense and unknowables of buying their own EVs

What it includes

Supervised charging, maintenance, inspections, cleaning, and secure parking for both your electric fleet vehicles and your drivers’ private vehicles – all out of a convenient Zeem depot

Commitment length

Choose a 3, 5 or 7-year lease term that suits your price and flexibility preferences

What first steps look like

We evaluate your duty cycles, operations and other variables to recommend the right EVs and term for your needs. We then purchase the agreed-upon vehicles, allot you charger and parking space, and get you set up with everything you need to operate it for the length of your lease.

Custom Charging

We support active electric fleets with supervised access to the latest charging technology, including both Level 2 and DC fast chargers.

Who it’s for

Fleets that have their own EVs but don’t want the expense, complications and technical requirements needed to operate their own charging infrastructure

What it includes

Fully supervised overnight and/or opportunity charging based on a monthly fee and per-kWh usage

Commitment length

Sign up on an annual basis – or choose a multi-year contract for a reduced monthly fee

What first steps look like

We take into account the size of your fleet, your duty cycles, and the make & model of your electric vehicles. We then propose a charging program to accommodate both your daily and opportunity charging needs, agree on a contract length, and ensure you have access to the specified charging structure throughout the term of your contract.

Depot Services

Choose from supervised EV charging, secure overnight parking, regular maintenance & service, daily inspections & more – all at a convenient Zeem hub.


Set up a custom charging program (see above) or schedule individual spot charging sessions for your fleet EVs


Dedicated spaces for your company’s fleet vehicles on a secure Zeem depot with 24/7 staffing

EV maintenance & service

Set up a customized EV maintenance or inspection package – or schedule a repair or service with our expert technicians