Zeem 100 is our first major initiative for bringing zero emission vehicles to our schools and our cities.


With this initiative, we will be providing fleet owners, (who are located in the most highly polluted cities in the U.S) access to 100 class 5 electric trucks. These electric vehicles will replace the fleet owners’ current diesel fleet at a monthly operating cost that will be less than the cost of their existing diesel trucks. We believe with these 100 units successfully deployed with the right operators, we will be able to build a commercial electric vehicle at a cost that will be equal to or less than their diesel equivalent. 

Zeem has been working very closely with the leading EV and battery specialists in the medium duty truck delivery business for over 8 years. We have partnered with a pioneer in the EV industry to introduce a new electric propulsion drive system that we believe will set a new standard for performance and pricing. We are confident that by significantly reducing the cost of the first 100 vehicles for select fleet operators that we will help to EDUCATE and PROVE that a delivery truck can be utilized for much more than just delivering products. This will be achieved by monetizing the vehicle without inconvenience to the operators and by sharing the benefits with everyone involved.

Zeem is actively seeking experienced fleet operators that operate in cities where the pollution levels are most toxic. We will begin in areas where zero emission commercial vehicles will have the most impact and we will carefully select operators who fit the profile for one of our EV trucks. To carry out this initiative we have put together a team of the top engineering specialists, battery experts, VGI utility specialists, investors, and lease finance partners. Our team will work directly with our selected operators as partners to support them in effectively realizing full zero emission fleet conversion in the future.