Zeem provides a turnkey solution for fleet owners looking to buy an electric truck or bus. 


Zeem provides a turnkey solution for fleet owners looking to buy an electric truck or bus

In 2018, the cost of converting from diesel to a zero-emissions vehicle is narrowing as improved performance, range and battery technology is coupled with compelling adoption subsides and incentives for charging infrastructures.  At the same time, diesel operators face uncertain fuel prices and a tightening regulatory wrench focused on improved air quality, emissions controls and fuel efficiency.  As a provider of zero emissions fleet management services for commercial fleet operators, Zeem constantly updates our fleet customers about superior products and available incentives/subsidies. We also consult with them to optimize the purchase and monetize the operation of the vehicle.  

Zeem provides solutions that enable fleet operators to lower both their upfront cost and their total cost of operation (TCO).  There are specific benefits to owning an electric truck, relative to power management, that can be realized for business owners in order to reduce their monthly utility costs; and, managing these ancillary benefits for our fleet customers is how we have become THE trusted zero emission transportation partner.

Our goal is to be a reliable extension, of the team, for our commercial fleet customers!



  • Commercial EV fleet customization
  • Lease financing for vehicles and batteries
  • Battery optimization/charging
  • Fleet intelligence tools  
  • Service & maintenance solutions 
  • Subsidy guidance
  • Infrastructure and construction needs 
  • V2G energy management solutions

Zeem establishes a partnership with the customer throughout the entire ownership lifecycle: 

  • Customized needs assessment
  • Facilitate lease/ purchase of vehicles through Zeem volume pricing plan
  • Battery maintenance & optimization
  • Manage supplementary revenue streams for owner (V2G and sponsorship)
  • Full life service and maintenance solutions'

Tailored solutions

  • Proprietary TCO calculator and vehicle customization analysis tool for EV route optimization, driver behavior improvements, NOx-Co2 levels and for battery sizing
  • Assess validated vehicle options for fleet operators
  • Facilitate all communications between OEM’s, contractors/installers, government agencies and interfacing with utilities

Battery rental

  • Provide customized battery lease agreements  
  • Provide tested, verified and warrantied batteries in all vehicles
  • Provide state of the art intelligent IoT solutions for preemptive maintenance and to identify performance issues
  • Provide energy management solutions for maximum V2G capabilities

Commercial EV charging

  • Tailor optimal charging solution for each application
  • Assist with general contracting, permitting and utility interfacing

Infrastructure & installation needs

  • Identify maximum subsidy available for infrastructure installation and charging stations
  • Provide consultation on optimal tech for V2G integration

Sales/lease financing

  • Design lease/ financing options tailored specifically for CEV’s and batteries
  • Provide tested, verified and warrantied vehicles and batteries
  • Establish quality and service standards for all partners
  • Establish local service and maintenance partnerships for our customers

Intelligent fleet management solutions

  • Provide standardized proprietary operating system (OS) specifically for commercial EV’s
  • Provide predicative analysis tools for improved efficiency, range, and prevent down time
  • Ensure compliance with updated EPA standards and reporting requirements
  • Provide energy management solutions for maximum V2G capabilities  


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