OEM & Partnership



Our mission is to identify the best products offered in the market place and deliver the most superior service to our customers

Zeem works with the most progressive companies in the Commercial Electric Vehicle (CEV) sector to optimize service and reliability.  We enable fleet operators to maximize cost savings and preventative maintenance to reduce downtime through the use the latest vehicle technology (at the lowest cost), and intelligent fleet management tools.  Zeem only partners with  “best of breed” companies with proven track records of reliability, supported by iron-clad warrantees.  Zeem also works with companies, government agencies and advocacy groups to educate small to medium sized fleet operators across the nation  to raise awareness around product offerings, available federal, state and local incentives to better achieve EV goals and objectives. 

Although Zeem is a relatively new company, the management and board has been heavily involved in the commercial electric vehicle industry for over 10 years.  Zeem brings strong strategic relationships to the companies and products we support and we are motivated to help our partners succeed.  We have a deployable sales force and we are building the largest database of buyers that are motivated and ready to begin to transition into zero emission transportation.  

Zeem is agnostic in our approach because the commercial EV industry is in its infancy and technology is constantly evolving.  We consider the fleet operators’ unique requirements and we take the time and effort to truly customize a long term zero-emission plan.





Zeem has been working with fleets who make deliveries in the highest trafficked cities in the USA where pollution is at its worst. As of Jan 1st, 2018 less than 1200 all electric trucks exist in the USA and the expected growth rate is only 35%.

Zeem gives a corporation or business owner the opportunity to “sponsor” an electric truck that is actively running in high impression areas with a very positive message supporting the environment in that particular community.