Zeem provides a turnkey solution for fleet owners
looking to buy an electric truck or bus 



Zeem helps commercial fleet operators to seamlessly and cost-effectively convert from diesel to zero emission



Zeem intelligent solutions


Intelligent fleet management solutions for commercial electric vehicles



Zeem provides consultation for vehicle customization and TCO analysis


Sales and


Electric truck and battery leasing for commercial fleets

Our primary mission is to promote widespread commercial-electric vehicle adoption by implementing innovative cost reducing solutions that will make it more affordable for fleet operators to transition from fossil fuel


Billions of dollars have flowed into the EV sector over the past several years. To date, the economics of conversion from diesel have been extremely difficult for individual fleet operators to justify.  Zeem has taken a completely different approach to drive widespread commercial electric vehicle adoption. We are pulling fleet operators, business owners, major corporations and government agencies together to create a lower cost, higher efficiency EV ecosystem.  

Now, zero emission solutions are well within the reach of all companies (both large and small), schools and municipalities.  


Commercial Electric Vehicles (CEV) are not a one size fits all solution.  To date, no single CEV manufacturer has produced a suitably robust product line to adequately address the needs of an entire fleet. Customization is required based on specific routes, driver behavior, climate, serviceability, road conditions and many other factors must be considered when electrifying a fleet.


Zeem has established an impressive network of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), charging companies, utility providers, lobbyists, government agencies, electrical contractors, commercial leasing institutions and other leading CEV thought leaders and investors to work collaboratively with the shared goal of promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in commercial applications


While still a relatively new entity, the principals of Zeem have longstanding relationships with all of the major players in the commercial EV business.  We are THE trusted partner when it comes to anything related to zero emission solutions. 

Zeem is agnostic, only seeking the best product and partners to work with, deploying our capital in partnership with our customers, to build and support the ecosystem.